Brooks Crandell Photography | About
I like taking pictures. But you probably already knew that. I hope you enjoy my slick new website.

I wear soccer jerseys when I hike. They are the most comfortable shirts that are made, in my humble opinion. I usually wear the hat as well.

And sunscreen. I use lots of sunscreen. I do not tan. Ever.

When I'm not out taking pictures, I'm an estate planning attorney. Weird, I know.

I actually fell in love with photography while in law school. I attribute that to my close friends and family, especially my wife, that got me out of the house to forget about the stresses of law school. Nature does not follow the Socratic Method, and I'm down with that.

Photography is my therapy.

One subject that I've been shooting regularly is the Gilbert LDS Temple (Mormon). Construction is nearly complete and it has been great to witness the progress. The creator of the unofficial blog chronicling the construction has invited me to be an administrator and regular contributor to the blog! So do me a solid and follow the blog and share the posts you especially enjoy. If you haven't been there before, the website is

At the same time, I'm also now an admin for the Gilbert Arizona Temple Facebook page ( Please go and like that page!

I realize that not all of my pictures from the Brooks Crandell Photography Facebook page are on this website. If there is a picture that you would like to have printed or think others would like, let me know and I will get it here. I love to hear about your favorites.

Thank you for all your support. Please let me know if I can help you in any way.